Somewhere In Between: Living Life in Limbo


Here’s a quote from one of the biggest summer EDM tracks:

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

Damn. I hope life was like that. Except for the constant raving; dehydration and sore legs are not welcoming notions. But yeah, I wish life wasn’t so complicated.

Dear readers, some days are great but some are downright crappy, and there are also the mundane in-between ones. Life proceeds through this cycle of ups and downs, taking us on a ride only to churn our insides and force our meals to once again see the light of day. I know that’s the way it always goes but doesn’t it get tiring, though?

Today, I had a lot of fun playing soccer with some new people I met at this students’ discussion thing. We never intended to play soccer at all. We were there to do one thing and to do it seriously; discuss about hard-hitting topics like politics, economics and whatnot. The soccer thing happened spontaneously during a short break. And boy, it was fun! Kicking a plastic soccer ball around turned out to be the ultimate ice-breaking and bonding experience.


Then, there are the crappy days when you don’t even want to bother talking with anyone. I try my best not to show anger or sadness, but social interaction, during these times, takes a lot more effort. These kind of days just tend to happen randomly but thank god, they don’t last long! A special someone giving you encouragement or just a good song can break you out of the shell of depression but sometimes, it takes a lot more. Damn you, teen hormones. You’ve turned me into one neurotic bastard. I hope you’re happy.

But today, dear readers, I’m riding an endorphin high. I had a pretty much awesome afternoon after the morning discussion. I hung out with this one kid from up north and drove him around the city to see the sights before having a big traditional lunch. I hope the high lasts. I’ve got plans for a Saturday night out. I haven’t gone out since ever! I need this. But then again, I’m a relatively shy person. I’m sure I would find many compelling excuses for my friends as to why I’m not coming along.

“He’s coming along? I don’t know him very well although I’ve seen him at school before. I’m worried I won’t hit it off with him” instead of getting to know the new member of the group.

“I’ve got some reading to do. It’s finally Saturday and I’d like nothing better than to read a good book and relax” instead of just plain telling the guys that I actually plan to play Defense of the Ancients alone all night.

“I have to wake up early tomorrow for a thing” instead of “I don’t want to waste my money on a night out”.

You get the drift.

I’m that kind of person, sometimes. I don’t know why. Sometimes I’m this active, friendly guy and sometimes, I’m that. Again, it’s one of the twists and turns that life takes me on. I still don’t know whether I should go or not. Writing to you, in a way, I’m yet again asking someone else to make the decision for me (I hate you, indecisive self). I may truly have become a neurotic bipolar person.

Dear readers, this is the stuff I get to go through. No, it’s not ‘driving a Lambo and being a spoiled trust-fund brat’ and it’s not as unfortunate as the poverty-stricken of backwards Burma either. It’s the normal in-between stuff that nobody ever makes movies or writes books about. Yes, readers, this is my life. And I have stolen a few minutes of your life with my everyday monotony.

Seriously, leave a comment or two. I love to talk.

Yours Truly,

The In-between Guy


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