That Hot Girl from Math Class, Game of Thrones and Slumber: The Ramblings of a Burmese Teen

Greetings, readers (if you guys really do exist!), I’d like to congratulate myself on my third blog post (third time’s the charm, so am keeping my fingers crossed). But you know what? It doesn’t really matter to me whether some bored soul out there is reading my blog or not.

Why? Because I created this blog on solely selfish grounds; to get release. Yes, I will rant about my bad days, complain about my boring summer, go on and on about that epic song I just heard, write about that cute girl from Math class, my occasionally crazy parents, the on-and-off electricity in Burma and my latest gastronomic adventures. But in the end of the day, when writing about my problems on my middle-of-nowhere blog makes me a feel even a tiny bit better, then it’s served its purpose!

Growing up in Burma’s been one hell of an experience and a bumpy ride too (not like I know about growing up in another country!). Now that I’m getting ready to leave my country for some distant land for college (in about a year or two), I look back to really explore what it means to be Burmese and I try to speculate what the future holds for me as a part of this rapidly-changing nation. But what seventeen-year-old spends his time on this existential crap (other than for writing one heck of a college essay)? I’ve got other things to worry about; like getting out of my summer borefest and really getting out with the guys, trying to mediate the polar opposites being my mom and dad, acne and who George R. R. Martin will kill off in the next season of the Game of Thrones.

As of this point into writing this post, I feel compelled to produce a longer post but truthfully, I’m out of things to say. Today’s been quite disappointing. I feel crappy. I’m temporarily mad at my mom. I’ve been a part of a shocking albeit minor car accident. I’ve reserved a chocolate bar, a piece of banana cake and a Burmese snack made of beans for midnight mid-movie consumption but, knowing myself, they will never survive past the opening credits. I’ve texted a friend to see if he’s free to hang out sometime during the week but has received no reply yet, so this adds to my crappy mood and made me reevaluate my social life and my value as a member of the human race. I will most likely twist and turn with my eyes wide open; unable to fall into the deep slumber I so, so desire. Didn’t I just say that I was out of things to say? I also feel compelled to add a “LOL” to the last sentence but as I desire for my blog to be written in what qualifies as proper English, I shall fight this urge.

(Insert inspiring and memorable closing statement here)


That Too-Sleepy-To-Finish-The-Post Guy from Burma


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