A Tour of Happiness: Random Thoughts on What It Is

The Bay of Bengal

The Bay of Bengal kisses my feet on a beach in the Western Delta Regions of Burma.

1. Happiness is Freedom

Happiness is your mom letting you take the car for the night. Happiness is cruising around Yangon, the most amazing city at night, with a bunch of your best buds. Happiness is bathing under the warm glow of the ubiquitous sodium street lamps while taking in an invigorating breath of fresh air and freedom as you drive in circles on the road round the Royal Lake. Happiness is going wild; screaming at the top of your lungs. There is no one; just you and your best buds. The street is yours. The night is yours. Freedom is yours.

2. Happiness is Purpose

Happiness is having something to do; whether it’s getting your homework done, the dishes clean or a piece of writing completed. Lack of purpose, that insipid boredom, kills. It kills you slowly from the inside until you remain merely a shell of nothingness. Happiness is purpose, it is structure and it is being motivated to get up, do something and get it done.

3. Happiness is What You Define

For me, it’s listening to Haim.
So, how do you define
Happiness, what it is?
The ending is cheesy,
For I have run out of words,
But apparently not out of rhymes.


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