“I Resist Definition,” A Poem on the Monsoon

Me? I resist definition.
I am puddle in a puddle,
I am cup inside the cup
Of your loosely-cupped hands.

I am drink, if one decides
To look up and open mouth wide.
I am the wet, slowly drying
Cool on your skin, damp in your cloth.

I fell on the happy, the joyful, the young
Child who still remembers me.
I fall on the hurried young man,
Scurrying for cover; from cold, from damp.

I fell to the symphony of the roofs
Drowning in the sounds of Summer’s end.
I fall on deaf ears,
Deafened by “noise” not “music.”

Me? I resist definition.
You take me as you are, I simply am.
I am puddle in puddle,
And have been cups in the cups of many hands.



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